short, sweet and visual.

i’m currently hanging out with my Talbot grandfather, Dick/Gramps, at “The Resort” while mom and my Talbot grandmother, Doris, are off at a doctor’s appointment.  gramps is nodded off in an armchair by Doris’s bed and Marie Osmond is on the tv waxing poetic to Dr. Oz about music being medicine.  it’s actually quite ironic that this would be the topic in the background as i write this post.  i mentioned in an earlier post that an old friend contacted me about singing a special request for her.  that special request was The King’s classic Can’t Help Falling in Love.  my dad, Mike/The Captain, and i enjoyed being in the studio together for the first time in forever as we tackled this fun, fast project.  gramps & dad gave me my blood-born love of music.  i’ve taken such a narrative approach to this blog so far because writing, like music, has been a therapy.  this post was originally intended to be a tribute of sorts to the people who have encouraged my deep appreciation for both art forms, but i’m afraid that one will have to be postponed and this one will be more picture-laden than anything because i am not having the best day with my shaky hands, jelly legs and hazy head.  i just can’t seem to focus today.  so i’ll keep it short, sweet and visual.

i got an update on my diagnosis today after exchanging emails and a phone call with my new, awesome UPMC PCP.  here’s what’s up for now:


more questions but the answers are sure to come.

now, for the more enjoyable moments of my day so far:




i’m a loved and lucky lady.

finally, if you do click the link above to have a listen and are a member of Soundcloud, please be sure to follow me so i can follow you back.  along with keeping myself accountable for this blog, i’d like to keep myself accountable for creating way more music with my family and friends in the future.


i hope y’all are enjoying this hazy, lazy friday.

’til later, my friends.