little lullaby. 

an old friend/past sister figure asked me just a bit ago if there were any videos anywhere of me singing… I’ll be working on a special request for her this week.

here’s a song I wrote while I was living in Boulder, CO some years ago when I was just learning how to play my guitar:

… I’m always just learning how to play my guitar… I’m looking forward to cradling this baby with a lot more tender love and care. [reminder to self : just play your damned guitar.]

warning : take care in streaming the only other upload on my channel… it’s not for the faint of heart (or ears).

I want to complete this day by expressing my gratitude for those of you who have followed along with the wonderdribble so far. much love and clarity was felt and the rejuvenating healing silence of fresh air and sunshine was soaked up on these hallowed Dagtown grounds. [reminder to self : play outside.]

aside from finding that my favorite headstone of all time in the cemetery is broken and beaten and nearly illegible, it was a serene solo spin. [reminder to self: see that Hattie Jennings gets her stunning epitaph back.]

this final sentiment etched in stone for this little lady lost in time has haunted me forever  : rest in peace, sweet little one. thou art free from sorrow now.

it makes me think about how it seems we are just born and live and die in the day and age we end up in and that’s just kind of that?  … big wheels are turning, little words are coming out but the thoughts are there when I look at/think of that stone.

anyway, life may be spitandshitshined sometimes… but at least we all never knew a time without…

love y’all.